The following contains blog posts between 2006 to 2009, preserved for posterity and the curious. There's no guarantee any links will work.

2006-08-26 / Welcome

Welcome to the most mainstream thing I'll ever do: a blog. I feel dirty doing this, but I also feel that some people may be interested in what's happening in the musical world of Altus. Upcoming stuff and whatnot. Thoughts and ideas to bounce at people, to hear their opinions. This won't be just about me, but about people who influence me and make a difference in my life.

In any case, this is just a test to start. Will I keep updating on a usual basis? Is anybody actually interested in reading about what I have to say? Who knows, but it's worth a shot.

No harm in bookmarking it, and checking it out occasionally.

2006-08-26 / New music from Palancar

Palancar just released a 2-CD set (also available to download) of his recent live works, aka train wrecks.
His live stuff blows me away!

ambient train wreck series volume one & two

one of the many aspects of palancar's music is live performance, both in front of live audiences and over live net radio. as part of his weekly net radio program over the past four years, palancar has done many live improvisational ambient performances, which the artist nicknamed "ambient train wrecks" - and the name has stuck ever since. thus, the ambient train wreck series is a collection of excerpts from these live performances. everything heard in these tracks is live and untouched, except for mastering of the recordings themselves.

If you enjoy melodic ambient, with a touch of abstract:

2006-08-29 / SunDummy

I've heard the name for quite some time, but only recently heard the music.
Excellent ambient/drone music... now if only he'd just release his stuff instead of having limited time downloads. :P I've miss three of the four part series he's offering. Doh!

In any case, check it out because he does have links to other works he's done. All top notch from what I've heard so far!


2006-08-30 / New free tracks from Andrew Lahiff

Andrew has recently released three new tracks, The Quiet Memory, Gliding and Darkness over the Horizon.
Download them here.

2006-09-02 / 80s Nostalgia

I had only seen this video once when I was a kid, and it left such an impression on me that I still remember it to this day. I loved this song and loved the space footage. Yay for YouTube. ;)

Pump Up The Volume

2006-09-02 / Phrozenlight - Timeless

The most prolific artist I know, Phrozenlight, has a new release available to download.
If you enjoy floating dark ambient, be sure to check out this, and all his releases.


2006-09-08 / Disabling comments

I'm disabling comments because bots are spamming in them. I don't think people use the comment ability anyway, and if you have something you want to tell me, there's always e-mail. :)

2006-09-16 / New Altus track - "Led Astray"

A couple of new tracks are available to download at the Drone Download Project including a track from me called Led Astray.
Go to the bottom of the list to see the latest tracks.

2006-09-21 / Fall arrives

It's odd, time passes quicker with every year. Everyone agrees, but doesn't really know why.

In any case, this year's messed up weather continues in that the first day of fall has arrived, and the leaves have already started changing colour. There's no question, it's a beautiful time of the year. But it also brings that 1-2 month gray lull after the leaves have fallen and before the snow arrives. Bleh...

Inspiration is definitely poking it's head out, the need to make music building steam... but I told myself to hold back until November or so. This is what happened with "The Wanderer", where about halfway through the album I was really pushing to finish it, which I hate.
I started work on Winter Embrace II around January 2005, but wasn't in the mood to write it then. I aim to finish it mid-December for my next release. So until then, I'll probably be quiet in the music department. ;)

For those who live in areas affected by the fall monthes, try to make time to walk in the forest amid the changing colours. The earthy smell and sights for this time of year is quite invigorating for me, I hope it is for you too.

2006-09-30 / Spheric Lounge - Suggested Listening

If you're not familiar with Spheric Lounge, be ready for a treat.
Here are some suggested tracks that I enjoy. Your enjoyment may vary. ;)

Deep Lake
Fieldsync Pablo
Nordic Sun
Taifun Coming

2006-10-08 / Andrew Lahiff - Three new tracks

Andrew Lahiff has three new tracks available to download on his site.

Glistening Impressions
Ascending to the Dream Horizon
They Never Arrived

If you haven't heard the rest of his free offerings, be sure to check them out.

2006-10-14 / Falling You


Mixing dark ambient soundscapes with some of the most beautiful ethereal female vocals around, Falling You speaks a melancholy, yet hopeful language that we all can understand. If a lifeless moon could sing of the beautiful blue-green world it orbits, it might sound like this.

Falling You

2006-10-20 / Phrozenlight - Is It Art Or A Joke

A new Phrozenlight release is available.

Is It Art Or A Joke

2006-11-01 / Ambient Collective: Infinite Space

Almost two hours of music available to download.
Featuring: 4m33s, Gregg Plummer, Michael Meara, Modulator ESP, Mooma, mystahr, normal, Palancar, Philippe Chavaroche, Phrozenlight, Sonoprint, tf-drone, Transmission'71 & usr/sbin

Enjoy! :)

Ambient Collective: Infinite Space

2006-11-11 / Sepulcrum Spei - 2 Releases

MMV is mainly very minimalistic folk played on flute, harp and percussion. This is mixied with drones, background textures and environmental samples to create a darker, sometimes almost sinister, more ambient feel.
Sepulcrum Spei - MMV [mir014]

Stones and drones create a perfect deep, dark and obscure ambient accompany by a sad, melancholic, desperate solomizate of far flute and a soft touch of harp. A voyage into the medieval grave dark era! (benekkea)
Sepulcrum Spei - Algor e.p. [BKK005]

2006-11-25 / Phrozenlight - Verdwaald (Lost)

A new Phrozenlight release. Be sure to check it out!

Verdwaald (Lost)

2006-11-25 / Coming soon - Winter Embrace II

I've already begun working on my next longplay album, Winter Embrace II. You'll hear a slow progression of music and sound similar to Winter Embrace but much smoother in tone, which pretty much guarantees sleep to the listener. ;)

I'm aiming the release for mid-December. Stay tuned...

2006-12-04 / Ambient Collective: Places of Importance

Over 100 minutes of original music, including a new Altus track Home Away From Home.

Artists involved in this project are: Altus, AnaBoat (Philippe Chavaroche), Bluejooz, Hovmod (Tormod Carstens), jujigen (Kevin Rees), Music First (Steve Gane), Phrozenlight, Gregg Plummer, Silvercord, Somnarium (Michael Meara), tf-drone & usr/sbin.

Ambient Collective: Places of Importance

2006-12-13 / New Altus Release - "Winter Embrace II"

Winter Embrace II

Snow falls. A world is transformed to a place of still life, yet its monochromatic beauty cannot be ignored. Snow crunches underfoot. Chilling winds blow through the trees, warning you of Winter’s unforgiving ways. Your surroundings appear dead, but the landscape is only sleeping... waiting for the warmth of the sun to return.

Altus’ 11th solo album, Winter Embrace II, continues where the original left off. Slowly evolving over sixty minutes, themes and melodies are built to lull the listener to a state of deep thought and relaxation. Darker and lighter moments are interspersed amongst a consistent deep knell, perhaps the sound of ancient trees sleeping.

As with almost all his releases, the musical inspiration behind Altus is to appreciate and respect the natural world, and to enjoy what is all around us. It is too often that those living in a concrete jungle forget what a true breath of fresh air smells and tastes like.

This is the first, and probably only release that will not be available to download for free. All proceeds from purchasing this release will go to the continued success of, a free ambient online radio site.

2006-12-20 / Phrozenlight - Empty Space Expands Forever

Phrozenlight's latest release is over two hours in length!
Download it now!

2007-01-03 / Print artwork available for The Elements series

Over the last few months, there's been quite a few visitors asking for print resolution CD case artwork to go with my music. I've finally gotten around to re-building the artwork for The Elements series. I'll be adding print artwork for the rest of my past releases, and will have artwork available for all future albums at the time of release.

The Elements: Fire
The Elements: Water
The Elements: Earth
The Elements: Air

2007-01-06 / mon0 - "Earth"

Be sure to check out mon0's latest works for a new compilation of tracks called "Earth".
Dark ambient with a touch of sequencer.

mon0 - Sagarmatha
mon0 - Tre Cime

2007-01-20 / Andrew Lahiff - Seven new tracks

This might be old news to some, but Andrew Lahiff has seven new tracks available to download on his site.

Lost Echoes
Frozen Illusions
Patterns in the Light
In the Hills Beyond the Town
Discovered on Earth
Emerging Signals
Unfolding Frontiers

If you haven't heard the rest of his free offerings (there's a lot available), be sure to check them out.

2007-02-03 / Bandwidth Exceeded

January was the first time my 80 gigs of bandwidth per month was hit, causing a day of downtime.
To fight this problem, I've posted the Elements series to The cool thing about this is that you can now download the series in the FLAC format. This means for those of you who prefer to burn to CD, you will now have a perfect lossless copy with no gaps between tracks, as it was meant to be heard.
Also available are higher resolution VBR MP3s than what I had here, and the best compressed audio format out there, Ogg Vorbis.

As new albums are released, older releases will be moved to to keep bandwidth usage from going over the limit.

From my site:
The Elements I: Fire
The Elements II: Water
The Elements III: Earth
The Elements IV: Air
The Elements I: Fire
The Elements II: Water
The Elements III: Earth
The Elements IV: Air

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and enjoyed my music.

2007-03-02 / Print artwork available for 24 Hours

More artwork to download and print if you've burned 24 Hours to CD. Enjoy!

24 Hours

2007-03-14 / New Release - "Only One Earth To Destroy"

Only One Earth To Destroy

Those familiar with Altus will be surprised by Only One Earth To Destroy. This is, by far, the darkest release to date.

At this time, we don't know of any other planet that can sustain life as we know it. The most logical course of action would be to try hard to reverse the damage we've done so far... to change our ways and be, at least, a little more conscientious towards the environment. Instead, we drive our cars and create garbage in colossal amounts.

This album is about the human race, and how stupid we've become. There's nothing stopping us to work together and solve the problems we've created. Yet time and time again, we seem to want to destroy our only home. The most unfortunate thing is that every single one of us helps propagate this problem, even though some of us don't want to. To be a part of society means we're part of this disposable culture where one-time use items (double wrapped, of course) are way too common. Convenience certainly has its price. It maddening to see the way things have gone and how powerless it is for anyone to make a real difference.

What's being said is certainly not new or original. This is just meant to be another voice of concern, using music to really do the talking.

2007-03-27 / The Ambient Collective - Horizon

Introducing "Horizon" from The Ambient Collective.
12 ambient journeys mixed into one full length track by Bluejooz.

Artists are in this order:
1. usr/sbin
2. altus
3. somnarium (Michael Meara)
4. modulator esp
5. jujigen
6. matucana
7. silvercord
8. tange
9. nezecus
10. steve the keys
11. phrozenlight
12. bluejooz

It can be obtained by clicking here.

2007-04-06 / Aaron Marshall - Noir Ambiance

Aaron Marshall - Noir Ambiance

This music will only be freely available for a limited time, so be sure to check it out soon.
Very nice stuff indeed.

2007-04-18 / Save Internet Radio

Most people are probably aware of the clusterfuck this has become, but it doesn't stop me from wanting to spread the word. What makes me more irate is that, as a Canadian, there's nothing I can do to lobby against this!

Taken from
Monday, April 16, 2007 The Threat to Internet Radio - Kurt Hanson, CEO AccuRadio and Publisher, RAIN Newsletter

After a recent decision by the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) to increase the royalty rates paid to musicians and record labels for streaming songs online, Internet radio webcasters find themselves fighting for their very existence.

The implications of this are possibly fatal for Internet radio as an industry -- which would hurt listeners, musicians, and independent record labels as well.

Independent, commercial operators like my own were eligible during 2005 to pay a royalty based on a percentage of revenue. We paid about five percent of our revenues as a royalty for rights to the composition (i.e., to the songwriters) and about twelve percent of our revenues to Sound Exchange as a royalty for the sound recordings (i.e., to the record label and the performer). So on $400,000 in revenues, we paid Sound Exchange about $48,000.

Under the judges' decision, we owe $600,000 for 2006 -- which is about 150% of our total revenues! That would absolutely bankrupt us and will force us to shut down.

And that's true for almost everyone who’s a stand-alone webcaster. (And I suspect it may also be true for most terrestrial radio stations' streams too.)

It will be tough, if not impossible, to get enough money from advertisers to hit the necessary numbers anytime this decade, which means even well-funded companies may pull their streams down as well.

The CRB has either misunderstood or miscalculated the effect their decision will have on the industry, or they didn’t think it was any of their business. They were just following Congress' instructions, which instructed them to pick the price "at which a willing buyer and a willing seller would agree." (By the way, I think that sentence, which was inserted into the law by the record industry, is basically gibberish.) Perhaps the judges felt they didn’t have to think of the implications.

But those implications will be dire. If these rates stand, and of course I hope they won't, but if they do, I believe we’ll see a virtual shutdown all of U.S. webcasting. And that will be bad for listeners, webcasters, musicians, and the record industry alike.

2007-05-07 / Palancar News and Introducing "Earth Mantra"

Darrell Burgan (aka Palancar), in light of the upcoming changes to Internet radio and tired of the music industry treating him like dirt, has made the decision to release almost all his future music for free download at the new netlabel, Earth Mantra.

I'm extremely happy to see him make this decision, since it pretty much guarantees more listeners to hear and enjoy his works. As of right now, he's released hours upon hours of his live "train wrecks" from his radio show on StillStream.

To those who are not familiar to what Palancar's Train Wrecks are:
One of the many aspects of Palancar's music is live performance, both in front of live audiences and over live net radio. As part of his weekly net radio program over the past several years, Palancar has done many live improvisational ambient performances, which the artist nicknamed "Ambient Train Wrecks" - and the name has stuck ever since. Everything heard in these tracks is live and untouched, except for mastering of the recordings themselves.

A whopping 50 tracks across five releases. Some is soothing ambient, some is quite experimental, all is great to listen to.

Palancar - Ambient Train Wreck Back Catalog - Collection One
Palancar - Ambient Train Wreck Back Catalog - Collection Two
Palancar - Ambient Train Wreck Back Catalog - Collection Three
Palancar - Ambient Train Wreck Back Catalog - Collection Four
Palancar - Ambient Train Wreck Back Catalog - Collection Five

2007-06-09 / Site Changes and News

Downloading my music just got a little bit easier. Instead of links to each track, each album is now a single ZIP file. I've finally gotten around to completing the artwork for all my older releases as well, and included them in the ZIP files.

Also, a new album will be released next week so check back soon.

2007-06-16 / New Release - "Excursion One"

Excursion One:

Take a trip away from your mind...

Introducing the first release of a new series from Altus to be distributed freely at Earth Mantra Netlabel.

After treading through the dark overtones of "Only One Earth To Destroy", Altus takes you back to his usual melodic ambient style. Although the two-track release is quite active, it's still easy to allow yourself to close your eyes and drift to the sounds once you've settled into the track.

2007-07-02 / New Release - "Singulus"


I'll start off by saying that none of this music is new. This is simply a compilation of my single tracks from multi-artist releases. It does contain a few oddities which probably haven't been heard by many people, such as Frequency Junction and Voice in the Machine.

Track listing:
1. Mercury
2. Frequency Junction
3. Voice in the Machine
4. Home Away From Home
5. Horizons (Part 2)
6. Led Astray
7. Night People
8. Green

In any case, you now can download all these tracks in one convenient spot.

2007-09-18 / Silence isn't a bad thing

I'm still alive... but haven't been near my music software for the last few months. But I'm happy to report that I've just started work on a new release. I don't think I'll be meeting the "deadline" I set myself (which was late summer). The Grand Expanse should be ready for a November/December release and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you!

I also just found out that Bert Strolenberg, known to me from (the now defunct) e-dition magazine, has posted a feature on me and my music at his site: Sonic Immersion. Thanks Bert! :)
You can read the feature here.

2007-10-05 / Lähtö - Amends

Be sure to check out the new EP from Lähtö.

More Lähtö music available here.

2007-11-01 / New Release - "The Grand Expanse"

The Grand Expanse

The music conveys my thoughts much better than any words I could type. I truly hope you enjoy this release. This one is special to me.

2007-11-12 / What the Future Holds

First, I'd like to thank those who've contacted me about The Grand Expanse. Please spread the word to anyone you think might enjoy it as well.

I'd like to let you know that I will be playing live on StillStream sometime in November or December. Obviously a date hasn't been set yet, but please check back often to find the date and time when I'll be playing. It'll be a very interesting experience, since this will be the first time I've ever done a live performance. But I'll be working hard to promise that it'll be worth listening to.

Now I'd like to bring you up-to-date on what I've got planned for the next year in terms of direction of music.

I've felt that I'm dangerously close to future releases being old hat, in that I'm not trying anything new. I know that some people would still enjoy my music if I kept going the same route. But I've felt the need to expand my horizons and try new things, and there's a few ways I want to go. In saying that, I'm not talking about extreme genre changes. You will still hear that "Altus" sound, but in a different light.

Ananta (aka Martin Dot), the person behind the Rain Netlabel, recently asked me to produce an album to release on his netlabel. Those familiar with Rain releases knows that their style is very much drone ambient. I've had requests from listeners to make a drone release, so it just seems like the perfect time to try my hand at drones. However in saying that, he mentioned later that he wants to expand his release repertoire of different styles of ambient. I'm still planning on a drone release though.

After that, I have two releases planned that will break the mold and hopefully breathe new life into my works:

Macro - a study in loop will be a fun, experimental album similar in style to Palancar's Précis (many short ambient pieces). My inspiration is also pulled from Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Volume 2, which is such a timeless, haunting release.

The Third Option will be something similar to Gridlock's sound. The easiest way to describe what I plan is take a usual Altus release, speed it up a bit and add sparse glitchy beats.

The last project I have in mind is so completely different, I may not release under the name "Altus". Listen to the last track of The Grand Expanse (Towards the Galactic Centre), and that'll give you an obvious clue to what I'm looking into doing. However, I'm aiming for something much less minimalist. I still don't know exactly what's planned for it yet but if you enjoyed that track, I imagine you'll enjoy this upcoming release as well.

Like I said, I'm aiming for new directions while not changing my sound completely. Those of you who feel like you may not enjoy these upcoming releases, don't fret. I'll never give up my ambient/new-agey roots. I've had many requests for Winter Embrace III, and I plan on releasing many volumes of Excursions to be released on the Earth Mantra netlabel.

There are many trips to take... I hope you enjoy taking them as much as I enjoy making them.

2007-11-18 / Altus - Live on StillStream (December 1st)

Be sure to catch Altus live at on Blue Water Drift Dive, hosted by Darrell Burgan (aka Palancar).

The show starts December 1st (Saturday) at 11pm EST, 8pm PST.

I hope to see you there.

2007-12-08 / Live Performance Available to Download "Toward the Winter Solstice"

After a few delays, the live performance I did at (on December 1st) is now available at to download.

Altus - Live (Dec 1, 2007) "Toward the Winter Solstice"

Thanks to Darrell Burgan (Palancar) for hosting the show, and to Hannah Shapero (Altocumulus) for naming the performance. And if you're wondering, I'll be doing more live stuff. I had a lot of fun doing this, and truly didn't think I could do this kind of thing.

2008-01-07 / Another Live Show (January 26, 2008) and The Ability to Comment

Just a quick update to let you know that I'll be playing live on at 11pm EST on January 26th. I've also brought back the ability for people to comment. Whether anyone has anything to say is another story. ;)
Anyway, all comments need to be approved before they show up so that should stop spam from ruining everyone's fun.

I'll post more details on the live show later. At this point, I have nothing planned yet.

Also, working on a new album to be released on Rain Netlabel called Rapid Eye Movements. So far, it's coming out darkish... I'll give more details on what it's about closer to release. That should be in a month or two.

2008-01-24 / Altus Live Performance - January 26, 2008

Altus will be performing live at on Blue Water Drift Dive. The show starts at 11pm EST, and the live performance will begin around midnight. There is a chatroom you can join during the show to chat with other listeners.

For the curious, I will also be feeding a video stream to watch while I perform. You'll see how simple my setup really is. ;)
No audio will be streaming through this site, so you still need to tune into StillStream to hear the show.
Note that you DO NOT need to register on this site to view the show.

If it looks like the page isn't loading properly, you'll need the latest version of Flash.

Hope to see you there!

2008-01-29 / Live Performance - "The Grey Horizon"

The recording from the live show last Saturday is now available to download. Aptly named "The Grey Horizon" by Hannah Shapero (Altocumulus), this is melodic melancholy.

Altus - Live (Jan 26, 2008) "The Grey Horizon"

Thanks to Darrell Burgan (Palancar) for being such a gracious host, as always.

The video stream seemed to be a hit as well. However, in my attempt to "make it more interesting to watch", I was supposed to be wearing a bunny suit (long story) but don't actually own one. Norm (Normal) was kind enough to fix that error... ;)


2008-02-05 / Site Changes

I've finally gotten around to updating the site. The download page was becoming awkward, and I think overwhelmed visitors with too many albums showing on one page. Now each release has a little play button to hear 30 second samples of each track, which will give visitors a better idea what they'll be downloading.
So to those who are fans of my music who haven't gotten around to perusing my entire catalogue, it's now easy to sample and download only those releases that please your ears.

If you have any issues with the update, please leave me a comment with details.

2008-03-04 / Nine Inch Nails "Ghosts I - IV"

In case you might've missed this, NiN has released a new 2-disc album using the creative commons license.
Ghosts I - IV
It looks to be around two hours of music, and it's completely instrumental. Even if you don't think you're a fan of NiN, check out the free download. The quiet ambient-ish tracks outnumber the noisy ones. ;)

Ghosts I is available as a free MP3 download @ 320kb/s. You can buy all four as a digital download for five bucks in a choice of formats, including FLAC!

I love this attitude, and I hope to see even more artists embrace this type of releasing. Of course, you've got to be a well known artist to do this sort of thing and come out with a profit... and in this case they don't have anything to worry about. They've already sold out the $300 limited edition of the release at 2500 units (that $750,000... *cough* Those crazy die-hard fans).

I hope they realize how lucky they are to have the freedom to do this. :)

2008-03-15 / Coming Soon - "Rapid Eye Movements"

Just want to let you know that Rapid Eye Movements will be available to download exclusively on the Rain Netlabel in late March/early April.
Last Tuesday, Stephen Philips of Kite Radio played the album in it's entirety. Thanks Mr. Duck.

Check back for updates.

2008-04-07 / M. Persson:Sounds - Strange Skies LP

I found a folder on my hard drive earlier this evening, containing the following:

M. Persson:Sounds - Strange Skies LP

Wow! If you enjoy my music, you will enjoy this.

It makes me laugh to know that this has been sitting on my drive, not being listened to. I'm sure a lot of my music ends up on people's hard drives and forgotten. That's the only problem with having so much quality music available to download... you lose that enjoyment of receiving a new CD and taking the time to really enjoy it.

So if you download this, take the time to listen to it. :)

More info on the artist - M. Persson:Sounds

2008-04-13 / New Release - "Rapid Eye Movements"

Rapid Eye Movements
- Available exclusively at Rain

This new release treads the darker territory between Artifacts of Distant Memory and Only One Earth to Destroy. I wrote this not as a sleeping aid, but more as a sonic voyage through one's dreams and the secrets they can reveal.

2008-05-01 / I love - How about you?

I'd like to thank all the folks at for their continued support towards my music, and especially for the gracious words they've written about my music as their featured artist for this month. Their tireless promotion for underground artists such as myself have helped tremendously in gaining a loyal audience of listeners. Thank you so much for all your hard work!

If you haven't yet taken the time to listen to the stream, you're doing yourself a disservice. And don't forget to check out the five live shows on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday (which include live performances by many different artists). It's these great features that set StillStream apart from many other streaming audio sites. A true labour of love for the music.

Thank you again!

2008-05-07 / Reviews for "Rapid Eye Movements"

I'm glad to hear that people are enjoying my latest release. Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to write. And of course, to those who've gone out of their way to promote my music, spreading the word on various music sites and mailing lists. I truly appreciate it.

Two reviews for "Rapid Eye Movements"
Thinking The Sounds
Sonic Immersion

2008-06-10 / Deepspace - Another Empty Galaxy

Deepspace is giving away a beautiful 60 minute longplay track.
Download it here:

2008-06-22 / Coming Soon - "Macro"

A new release is on the horizon. I still have a fair bit of work left to do on it, but I hope to have it available in July or August.

In the spirit of Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works II and Palancar's Précis, it will consist of brief thoughts and ideas. A mix of melodic and atonal ambient.

I'm looking forward to sharing it with you!

2008-07-04 / "Off The Record" with Mikoli Weaver is really picking up steam, which at least one live show every day (except Monday).
One show that's breaking the mold is Off The Record with Mikoli Weaver of Sonoprint. Every Wednesday, he'll host a two hour program that'll include an in-depth interview with various ambient artists. His first show (on the 9th), he'll be talking to one of THE ambient masters, Robert Rich. Very cool!

Following that, he'll be showcasing the following artists:
Altus (I've found I express myself better with music rather than words)
Michael Sandler
Claire Fitch

I've asked if the shows will be available to download after they air, but still waiting to hear back. I'll be sure to let you know.

2008-07-15 / Just a reminder...

To those curious what Macro will sound like, be sure to tune in to at 10pm EST tomorrow (Wednesday) for Off The Record. They will be playing three tracks from the upcoming release.

Macro is scheduled for an early August release.

Also, some listeners have asked for some sort of mailing list to be notified when a new release is available. So, for those who are interested, you can now join a very low volume newsletter which will let you know as soon as a new Altus release is available.
Please rest assured that the list is run right from my site, so there's no way your e-mail address can get into the wrong hands. Like all of you, I hate spam and made sure this was a safe way to send automated e-mails to my listeners.

2008-08-04 / New Release - "Macro"


Introducing Macro from Altus.  A series of 22 short tracks covering a broad range of sounds, from melodic ambient to atonal soundscapes, and a few oddities inbetween.

The story behind this release is while I work on new music, I usually start noodling with different sounds.  I end up getting carried away and while the music is good, it's not appropriate to the project I'm working on.  These tracks allow you to hear some of the things I end up coming up with.

Keep in mind that these aren't simply raw ideas.  I've expanded on the initial sound or idea and polished it up for a enjoyable listening experience.

Given that each track is it's own entity (a rare thing with my work), there's no wrong way to play this album.  Pick and choose your favourite tracks, or simply randomize the track listing for a slightly different listen every time.  Have fun with it, that's the idea.

I hope you enjoy hearing some of these "behind the scenes" sounds I'm sharing with you.

2008-08-16 / Live Performance on Friday, August 22nd

Next Friday (August 22nd) I'll be performing live for Ambitar Radio at StillStream. The show starts at 11pm EST, and my performance will probably start an hour into the show.

It'll be a mix of ambient, sequencer and glitchy beats... so there'll be something for everyone. I hope you'll be able to listen in and be part of the fun.

2008-08-23 / Cinema Fantastique: Four scenes for a virtual film

Thanks to everyone who was able to tune in and listen to my live performance last night. We had a great turnout of over 70 listeners.
For those who were unable to make it, it's now available to download here.

Thanks to Allen Goodman for hosting the show, and to Pyracantha (Altocumulus) for naming the performance.

I've added a few things to the site. My thoughts on downloading and listening to free music, and links to my live performances in case you missed them before.

Lastly, just so you know I'll be silent here for the next few months. I'm taking a break and doing a complete overhaul of my music system. Adding some new upgrades and software. But you'll get another release out of me before the year is out, and it's very likely going to be Winter Embrace III.

2008-08-29 / Ultima Thule Radio

I just wanted to thank Nev Dorrington and all the folks at Ultima Thule for playing a show's worth of my music last Sunday (August 24th, Show# 723). I hope everyone who listened to the show enjoyed what they heard.

2008-12-02 / Coming December 13th - Winter Embrace III

I'm happy to announce that Winter Embrace III will be available to download in the early hours of December 13th. Ambitar Radio at will be the place to be at 10pm EST (Friday, December 12th) to be one of the first to hear this new release. A download link will be available in the StillStream chatroom first, and then on my site once the show is finished.

This will mark the final chapter to the Winter Embrace series. Originally I had only planned on doing two, but last year a number of people were asking when part three was coming. So I decided I would do one more for the end of 2008.

You'll find that it's similar in style and theme (especially comparing it to part one), however I've "limited" myself to using only real instruments and the human voice. There are no synths in this one. It's still ambient in style, but there are a couple symphonic outbursts that would remind you of The Grand Expanse - "Towards the Galactic Centre".
That was my first foray into teaching myself to create a more symphonic/soundtrack sound, and Winter Embrace III is my next step. I've still got a ways to go, but I'm happy with the results so far.

It's made me happy to see a lot of people really enjoy the Winter Embrace series. Thank you all for your kind comments and e-mails over the years. I truly hope you enjoy this final piece during the last days of 2008 and into 2009.

2008-12-12 / New Release - "Winter Embrace III"

Winter Embrace III
Winter Embrace III

Long-form symphonic/minimalist ambient. A journey through white wilderness, and discovery of hidden vistas.

I hope you enjoy this final chapter to the Winter Embrace series. There's not much I can say. I feel that the music "speaks" for itself, and that my thoughts and emotions come out much more clearly through it.

Season's greetings from Altus.

2009-01-03 / Altus featured at Eclectic Mix Music Podcast

I'd like to thank George at Eclectic Mix Music Podcast for featuring my music (more specifically tracks from The Elements: Air).

Be sure to check out his vast listing of shows featuring many different styles of music.

2009-01-10 / What's Planned For 2009?

I'd like to start by thanking everyone who's written me about Winter Embrace III. I'm glad people are enjoying it, and I hope you "dust" it off (so to speak) every Winter season for a listen.

In late 2007, I did a "what to expect for 2008" post. While my ideas didn't go exactly as planned, the three releases for last year (Rapid Eye Movements, Macro & Winter Embrace III) all had their own distinct moods and sounds. This was what I was aiming for, and I'm glad that things turned out that way. I'm planning similar things for 2009, as well as aiming for four releases (every three months).

Excursion Two (March)
In keeping in theme, you can expect more long-play lush melodic ambient from Excursion II. It will be released on the Earth Mantra netlabel.

City of Ashes (June/July)
This will be a special release containing photography by Shawn Sintzel (a long-time friend) to accompany the music. The timing of this release hinges on him compiling a number of photos for me to use as a catalyst, but I hope to release it by mid-Summer. As you might guess from the title, this will be a darker release. I expect it to sound similar to Rapid Eye Movements and Only One Earth to Destroy, although not nearly as oppressive as Only One Earth.

Coma Cluster (September)
I've had a number of requests for longer tracks by some listeners, so this will be a long-play release. It will consist of either one track, or a small number of long tracks that build onto each other. Expect to hear smoothly evolving pads with minimal movement.

The Third Option (December)
This was something I wanted to do last year, but it never happened. I still want to attempt glitch ambient, in my continuing goal to expand my sound.

So I hope this post might entice you for what's to come. It's been a fun journey so far, and it's only just beginning. I'm glad to have you a part of it.

2009-01-30 / Netlabel - Endless Ascent

I thought I had posted about this netlabel before, but apparently not. This is one of those rare netlabels that release only one style of music, in this case light ambient. As in the opposite of dark ambient... which is so prevalent in the genre.

Endless Ascent.
The two latest releases from Seetyca and Stephen Phillips are especially enjoyable.

2009-02-22 / New Blog Location

Hello everyone.
I just wanted to let you know that I'm using another blog program (WordPress) which means there is a new location and RSS feed. Please update your bookmarks and news readers to continue to receive information on everything Altus.

This blog will remain here for those curious to read older posts.

Sorry for the inconvenience.